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A new dance-theatre performance with Búi Rouch and Matteo Carvone. A mythical journey into the Land of Greek Gods. To be more precise just one God, the exquisite, glorious and pathetic figure of Pan. The half goat half human being Pan is forever know as that mythical Faun. The satyr playing the syringe under the shadow of a green thicket.

He is the God of Nature, always moved by his primordial impulses to chase uncatchable Nymphs. That is what afternoon dreams of this faun are like. But what is Pan nowadays and where can we find Pan?
It is said that Pan has been the only Greek God who died. But in fact Pan didn’t die, he is still here. The one making us panic when suddenly we get overwhelmed by unknown feelings. He is there when our desires becomes uncontrollable, and when we remain alone with our failure after a Nymph has vanished. In this world where we have chosen to glorify humans as a perfect being, we decided to put Pan in a »cage«. A well  designed cage, capable to please his needs of course, but still a cage nonetheless, like in a zoo.

With this piece Matteo Carvone aims to erase barriers between dance, theatre and installation performance, encaging his ideas into an artificial cubic meadow where his Faun lives.

Concept, Choreography, Set: Matteo Carvone
Dance: Búi Rouch and Matteo Carvone
Production assistant: Alessio Attanasio
Music: N. N.
Length: circa 50 min.