»From the Depths of Time« – Ensemble Polysono The organiser

»From the Depths of Time« – Ensemble Polysono

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

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Music – Contemporary Classical Music
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Christine Simolka, soprano
Anastasia Chulkova, flute
Andriy Bandurin, clarinet
Maria Ten, violin
Vladislav Smirnov, cello
René Wohlhauser, baritone, piano & conductor

Works by René Wohlhauser, Rebecca Saunders and Mark André

How do sensual sound structures emerge from chaotic matter? Which paths of aesthetic abstraction and instinctive creative will physical molecules pass through in order to become sound spaces that unfold in the temporal dimension? The »Ensemble Polysono« once again embarks on a journey of discovery and search for sound, deep down into the depths of time, to explore these questions together with the composers. In addition to new works by ensemble leader René Wohlhauser, their programme also includes works by this year’s Siemens Music Prize winner Rebecca Saunders and the highly successful composer Mark André, who have already internationally made a name for themselves in the field of musical sound research.

The »Ensemble Polysono« from Basel specialises in the performance of challenging contemporary music and tours throughout Switzerland and to several major cities in Europe every year (including Basel, Bern, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Vienna and London). The ensemble’s programmes include both world premieres and revivals of first-rate and pertinent works. They focus on innovative ideas and concepts that draw their suspense from the dialectical confrontation between different aesthetic viewpoints. »The diversity of sound as a programme is essentially Ensemble Polysono’s guiding principle. This Basel formation always draws attention with colourful programmes, rich in contrast.« (Swiss Radio DRS, 17.2.2011).

(René Wohlhauser, Basel, Switzerland)

  • Composer: Rebecca SaundersOpus: »Hauch« for violin solo (2018)
  • Composer: Mark AndréOpus: »E« for cello solo (2012)
  • Composer: René WohlhauserOpuses: »Kasamarówa« for soprano and baritone (2014), based on a poem by the composer, »Duo für Klarinette und Klavier« for clarinet and piano (2014/2018), 2nd edited version, world premiere, »Musik für Flöte« for solo flute (2002), »Miramsobale« for soprano and violin (2019) on a poem by the composer, world premiere, »Im Tempo der Wahrnehmung«, piano trio for violin, cello and piano (2019), world premiere, »Im Tempo der Wahrnehmung«, piano trio for violin, cello and piano (2019), world premiere, »Aus der Tiefe der Zeit« for soprano, baritone, flute, clarinet, violin and cello (2019), based on a poem by the composer, commissioned by the Fachausschuss für Musik BS/BL, world premiere