»Michel in der Suppenschüssel« (»Emil in the Soup Tureen«) – Astrid Lindgren  The organiser

»Michel in der Suppenschüssel« (»Emil in the Soup Tureen«) – Astrid Lindgren

| Carl-Orff-Saal/Carl Orff Hall

€ 20.50 to € 27.20

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A play by Wittener Kinder- und Jugendtheater (in German language)

»Michel is a nice little boy,« says Michel’s mum. And she’s not wrong. Michel really was a nice little boy – as long as he didn’t have nonsense in his head ... Michel, five years old and strong as a little ox, lived on Katthult Farm in Lönneberga, a village in Smaland in southern Sweden. He lived there with his dad, who was called Anton Svensson, with his mum, whose name was Alma Svensson, and with his little sister Ida. At Katthult, they also had a hired hand, called Alfred and a maid called Lina. There were also horses and cows and pigs and sheep and chickens, a cat and a dog, but most of all, there was this Michel. With his round blue eyes and his bushy blonde hair, one could take him for an angel – when he was asleep –, but when he was not sleeping he had more nonsense in his head than any other boy in the whole of Lönneberga; indeed in all of Smaland. As for example, on the day that Michel stuck his head in a soup tureen ...

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