»Star Wars« in Concert – Return of the Jedi The organiser

»Star Wars« in Concert – Return of the Jedi

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

€ 56 to € 99

This is a past event.

Unfortunately, this event will not take place. If you have any questions about possible alternative dates and tickets already purchased, please contact the organiser (MünchenEvent).

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New date for the event originally scheduled for 11 April 2020

With »Return of the Jedi«, George Lucas completed the original trilogy of his Star Wars saga in 1983. Cult figures such as Yoda and Darth Vader, fantastic locations like the desert planet Tatooine or the second Death Star and Oscar-winning special effects keep viewers glued to the screen to this day. The sci-fi epic attained cult status not least thanks to the award-winning soundtrack by John Williams. A galactic journey of cinema and sound awaits the audience when the third film of this science fiction saga arrives in the concert halls.

The motion picture with live orchestra

The screening of the full-length movie is accompanied with a live soundtrack, performed by a symphony orchestra. The second, even more formidable Death Star, which is to seal the final demise of the rebels, is about to be completed. The rebels unite their forces on the forest moon of Endor to fight against the Empire and the dark side of the Force. Meanwhile, Luke returns to the remote planet of Dagobah to complete his Jedi Knight training with Master Yoda. From him, he learns that he will have to face his father, Darth Vader, one last time. As the attack on the Death Star begins, another lightsabre duel between father and son ensues.

Pilsen Philharmonic
Conductor: Ludwig Wicki

In cooperation with Alegria Konzert GmbH
(MünchenEvent GmbH)