14th Balkantage München (Munich Balkan Days)  Branko Galoić Trio Philippe Rappenau

14th Balkantage München (Munich Balkan Days)
Branko Galoić Trio

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

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Music – Rock/Pop
Music – World Music
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Branko Galoić, vocals, guitar
Francisco Cordovil, guitar, vocals
Naghib Shanbehzadeh, percussion

»Gypsy Passport« is the title of one of his songs, and if anyone is deserving of such passport, it is Branko Galoić. As a young man, the Croatian singer-songwriter left the former Yugoslavia and headed west with nothing but the hope of a better future. His music reflects his journey from East to West: Depending on his band’s line-up, Galoić mixes Balkan brass with rock guitar solos, Sevdah with chanson and Gypsy with flamenco, reggae and ska. Over the years and at different stations such as Amsterdam, Berlin and finally Paris, Branko has played with musicians from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Latin America, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal and former Yugoslavia. Drawing on all these influences, he has created his own unmistakable style, which has been compared to troubadours such as Jaques Brel, Alain Stivell, Melingo or Vinicio de Capossela. Since 2014, Galoić has been living in Paris, where his album »Angel Song«, released at the end of 2015, was celebrated by cult station FIP Radio as one of the discoveries of the season.

In January 2016, »Angel Song« immediately reached the respectable 15th place of the World Music Charts Europe. In 2018, Galileo Music released a new duo album with the Portuguese guitarist Francisco Cordovil, who also lives in Paris. Branko’s current Paris trio reflects the global mix of the city on the Seine: Together, the two guitarists from Croatia and Portugal, joined by an Iranian percussionist, create a wholly atypical Balkan sound that holds everything from melancholy to party spirit.

With the support of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich
(Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch e. V., Munich)

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