24th Münchner Rudelsingen – Collective Karaoke The organiser

24th Münchner Rudelsingen – Collective Karaoke

| Black Box

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The 24th Munich »Rudelsingen« with Uli Wurschy and Volker Becker returns to Munich!

A kind of collective karaoke, »Rudelsingen« is the most popular sing-along format in Germany. In addition to over 100 permanent venues throughout Germany, events also take place at many music and town festivals – a highlight in the programme that makes people from all walks of life want to sing along. Freedom and togetherness are simply part of »Rudelsingen«. Up to 10,000 fans from north to south, from east to west sing together every month and are carried away again and again by the music of the eleven »Rudelsingen« teams.

»Singing together touches us emotionally and leaves us with a positive feeling,« says Uli Wurschy, lead singer of »Rudelsingen«. He also accompanies the participants on guitar together with Volker Becker on piano and accordion. With hits and current radio songs, the events cater for all tastes. The texts are projected onto a screen, so that everyone can read them.

After the hot summer days you can enjoy two »Rudelsingen« events in Munich in October! On 28 and 30 October, Team Odenwald will return to the wonderfully charming Black Box of the Gasteig with the 24th edition of the cult sing-along format. A new programme with many new favourite songs awaits hundreds of fans in the city.

(Rudelsingen UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Münster)