33rd Greek Film Week 2019 – »Holy Boom« The organiser

33rd Greek Film Week 2019 – »Holy Boom«

| Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

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Cinema International

Greece/Albania 2018, 99 minutes, original language with English subtitles, directed by Maria Lafi, screenplay by Maria Lafi, Elena Dimitrakopoulou
With Nena Menti, Samuel Akinola, Kostas Antalopoulos, Spiros Ballesteros, Meletis Georgiadis

On Palm Sunday, 16-year-old Ige blows up the letterbox of a block of flats, destroying most of the correspondence it contains. For their recipients, this prank has dire consequences: Lena and Manos must face the drug mafia because an LSD delivery was destroyed; Adia can no longer prove her identity and is threatened with deportation; and xenophobic Thalia will never know what happened to her lost child.

cinephil – Freunde des griechischen Films and MSB (Filmstadt München e. V.)