33rd Greek Film Week 2019 – »The Favourite« (Η ΕΥΝΟΟΥΜΕΝΗ) The organiser

33rd Greek Film Week 2019 – »The Favourite« (Η ΕΥΝΟΟΥΜΕΝΗ)

| Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

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Cinema International

Ireland/UK/USA 2018, 119 minutes, English original language with Greek subtitles, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, screenplay by Deborah Davis & Tony McNamara
With Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, Paul Swaine
Rated 12 years and older

18th Century England: The country is at war with France and the ailing Queen Anne is barely able to rule the nation. England’s fortunes therefore lie firmly in the hands of her confidante Lady Sarah, who, in addition to dealing with government business, also tends to Anne’s health and tries to keep her moods under control. A new maid by the name of Abigail soon, in turn, becomes Sarah’s confidante. As Sarah becomes increasingly beset by political problems and relies on Abigail to take care of the queen, the maid, who has aristocratic roots, sees her chance. Abigail uses her growing influence on the frail monarch to further her own ambitious goals.

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