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33rd Jewish Culture Days Munich
Jewish Monkeys

| Black Box

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Jossi Reich, vocals
Gael Zaidner, vocals
Omer Hershman, guitar
Yoli Baum, bass
Eylon Tushiner, saxophone
Yaron Ouzana, trombone
Henry Vered, drums

The Jewish Monkeys are masters at playing with identities and the absurd as well as being musicians and comedians who deliver a thrilling show. With a love for breaking all sorts of ethnic and religious taboos and launching satirical attacks, their neo-Yiddish sound fusion alternates between circus-like chanson and energetic punk rock, with English and Yiddish lyrics. They almost never fail at making their audiences dance, be they Syrian refugees in Dresden’s transition camp, anti-Pegida demonstrators, culture-sated audiences in German, Danish, Czech and French clubs and concert halls or hipsters in East London or Tel Aviv. And now they are going on tour with their brand-new album.

Their jokes are not at others’ expense; rather, they see themselves as continuing the tradition of the great Jewish comedians who mastered this supreme discipline above all by poking fun at themselves. They are reminiscent of the Marx Brothers and their lust for giving the illogical unconscious free reign with their absurd, abrasive comedy. No wonder, then, that Deutschlandfunk has portrayed them under the title »A sense for nonsense: The anarcho-klezmer band Jewish Monkeys!«

The lyrics of their first album deal with the lust and greed for oil, global warming, violent fathers and obsessive cleanliness. On their new album, two hit candidates stand out: The song »Alte Kacker« is a cynical and pitilessly self-pitying allusion to the difficulties of old age that awaits us all. »High Words« vents anger at an establishment that, in our new age of global warming, allows itself to slip into the demagogy of wartimes past instead of engaging in uncompromising fairness and ecology. Wild capers of percussive instrumentals bring musical circus slapstick back to life in a new, modern klezmer rock.

Videos, sounds, lyrics, press and rumours under www.jewishmonkeys.com.

In cooperation with Literaturhandlung München; with the support of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich
(Gesellschaft zur Förderung jüdischer Kultur und Tradition e. V., Munich)