6th Termeh Festival: Iranian Cultural Festival Munich Termeh-Festival

6th Termeh Festival: Iranian Cultural Festival Munich

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In recent years, Iranian art has produced a large number of outstanding productions in film, music, theatre, visual arts and literature, despite sometimes unfavourable general conditions. The Iranian cultural festival »Termeh« in Munich aims to present the current art scene.

On an artistic level, complex and largely unknown aspects of Iranian society are shown, which are otherwise often neglected. The selection, which takes into account the perspective from Iran as well as that of the diaspora in Germany and Europe, is intended to stimulate exchange between the Iranian-born and the local Munich audience. Art and culture in general have proven time and again to be suitable means of conveying political, social, historical and cultural knowledge. Complex backgrounds can thus inspire an emotionally touching and cognitively stimulating debate in an entertaining and lasting way.

The Iranian Cultural Festival Munich will take place at the Gasteig from 16 May to 30 May 2022.

(Art, Culture, Munich KKM and Differentia Art, Munich)

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