7th Chinese Film Festival Munich  A Family in the Sinkhole (Tiān kēng rénjiā)  The organiser

7th Chinese Film Festival Munich
A Family in the Sinkhole (Tiān kēng rénjiā)

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

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China 2018, 71 minutes, original language with English subtitles, directed by Zubiao Yao
Rated 6 years and older

The small village of Daguoquan lies in the largest sinkhole of the Chinese province of Yunnan and has attracted a growing number of visitors in recent years. Some of the villagers regard the development of tourism vital for the future of the village. They believe that more tourists will raise the standard of living for all. But this opinion is not shared by all, resulting in frequent conflicts among the community’s  residents.

The film follows the fate of the young Xiuxiang, who, following the official tourism development plan and with the support of the local authorities, begins to clean up and beautify the village. He is soon faced with his own mother’s antagonism, who doesn’t want to remove the junk from her house and insists on leaving her pig in the cellar.

This hilarious family conflict illustrates how economic and social development in rural China results in considerable controversy in the times of China’s »economic miracle«. The young initiators of change are opposed by the old residents, who, often confused, cling to their familiar traditions. Through the director’s camera, we also witness the relationship between the villagers and the local authorities. Xiuxiang and his mother experience an unforgettable year, courtesy of the pig.

In cooperation with Munich City Library and Ecrans de Chine
(Konfuzius-Institut München e. V.)

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