7th Chinese Film Festival Munich  A First Farewell (Dì yī cì líbié)  The organiser

7th Chinese Film Festival Munich
A First Farewell (Dì yī cì líbié)

| Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

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China 2018, 90 minutes, original language with English subtitles, directed by Lina Wang
With Isa Yasan, Kalbinur Rahmati, Alinaz Rahmati, Musa Yasan, Yasan Kamisu, Ugulem Sugur
Rated 6 years and older

Isa lives in a village in the deep northwest of China, surrounded by desert and cotton fields. When he is not at school or helping out on his parents’ farm, he spends carefree days with his friends – until the outside world tears him away from his familiar life. As his mother’s illness increasingly becomes a  burden for the whole family, Isa’s father wants to take her to a nursing home far away from the village. Isa’s best friend Kalbinur is to be sent to another school far away because of his low grades. On top of it all, the little lamb, which the two children have devotedly nurtured, disappears. Captured in naturalistic images, winter breaks over Isa’s world.

The film was shown at the 2019 Berlinale.

In cooperation with Munich City Library and the China Film Archive
(Konfuzius-Institut München e. V.)

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