7th Chinese Film Festival Munich  Blue Sky Bones (Lán sè gǔtou) The organiser

7th Chinese Film Festival Munich
Blue Sky Bones (Lán sè gǔtou)

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

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China 2014, 101 minutes, original language with English subtitles, directed by Jian Cui
With Hongjie Ni, Youliang Zhao, Fang Yin, Xuan Huang, Huan Huang, Jinglin Guo, Han Lei, Ye Tao

The unsuccessful musician Zhong Hua earns his living as a hacker, programming computer viruses and then selling antivirus software against them. When his father falls seriously ill and Zhong must raise money for his treatment, his past catches up with him.

Flashback into the midst of the Cultural Revolution, Beijing 1970: The young Shi Yanping, mother of songwriter Zhong, begins her training at the Beijing Music and Dance Academy. A pretty girl with pigtails from Sichuan, Shi is chosen as a wife for the son of a high-ranking general. But her preference for western music gets her into trouble: A song that she wrote is classified as politically dubious and eventually leads to the premature end of her education at the academy. Her subsequent marriage to Zhong’s father is more a practical arrangement than out of love.

A story about music and roots, masterfully filmed by award-winning cameraman Christopher Doyle.

In cooperation with Munich City Library
(Konfuzius-Institut München e. V.)