A-Capella Double Concert with Chornfeld and SoulFood Delight The organiser

A-Capella Double Concert with Chornfeld and SoulFood Delight

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

€ 15

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Music – Jazz
Music – Rock/Pop
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Chornfeld Leipzig
Chornfeld jazz choir – 35 enthusiastic Leipzig singers under the direction of Virginie Ongyerth who have been bestowing somewhat special performances on audiences in and around Leipzig since October 2007. The repertoire consists of a cappella pieces of various styles: jazz classics and pop songs are among the ensemble’s favourites, but gospel and jazzed-up traditional folk songs are also in the programme. No longer merely an insider tip, Chornfeld recently achieved success at the 2018 German Choir Competition and promises popular choral music at a high level!

SoulFood Delight – Innovative A-cappella Pop
SoulFood Delight concerts are food for the soul. With the musical skill and passion that the singers bring to the stage, SoulFood Delight can by now be heard well beyond the borders of Munich and as far afield as Berlin. Led by Patrick Prestel, the choir has taken the novel step of using microphones for bass and beatbox to create a powerful sound and groove. The spectrum of songs ranges from David Guetta and Taylor Swift to Sia, Roger Cicero, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder. Exciting arrangements by Vocal Line, MAYBEBOP, ONAIR and others characterise the choir’s demanding and varied repertoire. No less varied is the choir’s sound: soft jazz, grooving R&B and catchy pop, performed with the precision and intensity of adept and versatile voices.

(SoulFood Delight e. V., Munich)