Anniversary Concert – 20 Years Nirit Sommerfeld & Orchestra Shlomo Geistreich with Guests The organiser

Anniversary Concert – 20 Years Nirit Sommerfeld & Orchestra Shlomo Geistreich with Guests

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

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Even 20 years after their scintillating debut in the Gasteig’s Small Concert Hall, the band around Israeli-German singer and actress Nirit Sommerfeld has not lost its vivacity and joy of playing. Formerly known as Klezmorim, the band is now touring Germany and Europe as the Orchester Shlomo Geistreich with an extended line-up and various programmes, in which Nirit tells personal stories from her eventful life in Israel, Germany and Palestine. With her songs and anecdotes, with humour and, above all, her wonderful orchestra, her performances embody her unwavering commitment to human rights, peace and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

The anniversary concert will be a musical celebration with favourites from 20 years of band history. Together with guest artists who have paid valuable artistic contributions over the years, the Geistreichs with their charismatic lead singer Nirit invite the audience to celebrate life, love, music and their belief in a more peaceful world.

Conceptually, the band meanders between klezmer, pop, jazz, rock and rap, loves lyrical ballads as well as exploding rhythms, and combines oriental melodies with modern elements of style. In music as in life, Nirit strives to overcome boundaries, building bridges between what is presumed separate. Over the past 20 years, various concert programmes have thus been created under the motto KlezMeshugge, dealing with German-Jewish history, the Arab-Israeli issue and the relationship between Israel, Palestine and Germany.

The band has also developed their own stage projects, such as the dance theatre Salam Shalom with Syrian dancer Mouna Sabbagh, the musical reading »Jiddische Weihnacht« (Yiddish Christmas) with actor Martin Umbach and the political satire Reality Check with writer Linda Benedikt.

Nirit Sommerfeld, vocals/moderation
Andi Arnold, clarinet/saxophone
Jan Eschke, piano
Pit Holzapfel, trombone/E-guitar
Georg Karger, double bass
Günther Basmann, drums
Linda Benedikt, Miene Costa, Mouna Sabbagh, Roman Seehon, Lili Sommerfeld and Martin Umbach (guests)

(Sarah Stern Management, Grafing)