Arash Sasan Band – Persian Chanson Meets Jazz Houtan Shirazi

Arash Sasan Band – Persian Chanson Meets Jazz

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€ 18 to € 25; reduced € 12

This is a past event.

This event will be moved to 14 November 2020 in the Carl Orff Hall.

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Music – World Music
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Arash Sasan (gt, voc)
Josef Reßle (p)
Wilbert Pepper (b)
Stefan Noelle (dr, perc)

»Arash Sasan’s chansons are polaroids of the twilight, gentle afterthoughts to aporias of everyday life, and his four companions flank these atmospheric images with restrained sounds of folkloristic origin.« (Ralf Dombrowski, SZ)

The singer, guitarist and composer Arash Sasan, who was born in Tehran and lives in Munich, reflects in his music on various aspects of his life in different cultures and countries. In Iran, he taught himself first piano and later classical and flamenco guitar. In Germany, where his love for music continued to flourish, he broadened his musical horizons. His renowned accompanists harmonize on all stations along Arash Sasan’s musical journey, which moves effortlessly between chanson, jazz, funk, flamenco and oriental music: a new interpretation of an Armenian-Azerbaijani folk song here, a Persian poem by Rumi set to music there, and also songs penned by himself.

Following the tradition of Persian singer-songwriters, Arash Sasan strives to convey the works to his audience in all their intensity and to introduce people to the secrets of his Persian lyrics. He will also summarise the stories that his sings tell in German.

With the support of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich
(Arash Sasan, Munich)