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Arias, Jazz and Cinnamon Biscuits

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Music – Jazz
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Cathrin Lange, soprano
Bastian Walcher, piano, Rhodes
Jörg Hartl, trumpet
Andreas Bauer, bass
Joachim Holzhauser, drums, vibraphone

Can a Bach chorale swing? How much soul does the Christmas hymn »Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen« hold? And can »Maria im Dornwald« be performed as a jazz waltz? The »Bastian Walcher Quartett« and classical soprano Cathrin Lange answer these questions with an unambiguous »Yes« in their playful crossover between classical music and jazz – musical genres that rarely meet. Leaning back to listen to an old familiar, audiences are not infrequently surprised that it turns out to be something completely different ...

(Bastian Walcher Quartett, Neusäß-Steppach)

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