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Baltische Filmtage München (Baltic Film Days)
Faith, Love, Hope … and Humour

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This is the third time that the Munich City Library and the cultural associations of the Baltic states have invited the general public in Munich to explore the exciting world of film in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Faith, love, hope … and humour have been more important than ever during the extraordinary events of 2020 and 2021. So these elements form the core of this year’s film selection. Some of the films take a look at the more absurd aspects of the past, while others build on what is going on in Europe at the moment and paint a picture of a hopeful future.

The programme
Thursday, 10.2.2022
7 PM
Sangailės vasara / The Summer of Sangailė

LT/ FR/NL 2015, Drama, 88 minutes, Lithuanian with English subtitles Directed by: Alantė Kavaitė
Sangailė is fascinated by stunt planes but has never even dared to dream of climbing into the cockpit. During a holiday, she meets Austė – a girl of her own age who lives life to the full. The film tells the story of two young women in Lithuania and the summer that changes both of their lives …

Friday, 11.2.2022
6 PM
Kohtunik / The Judge

Estonia 2019, Comedy thriller, 96 minutes, Estonian with English subtitles         
The Judge is a man who stands for strict rules and laws in the courtroom. After he gives a woman a long prison sentence, the woman’s brother starts following him. The conflict between the men results in the judge suddenly becoming a criminal himself and he flees ... A road movie filled with dark humour.

8 PM
Klejotāji / The Wanderers

Latvia, Sweden, USA 2020, Documentary, 90 minutes, Latvian/English with English subtitles Directed by: Matīss Kaža
The film follows three 22-year-olds attempting to find themselves. The director – now 25 – spent three years following and filming the protagonists and the result is a film with settings and dialogues that create a captivating intensity and proximity. It also perfectly summarises the attitude to life of an entire generation and the constraints they are facing.

Saturday, 12.2.2022
2 PM

Aasta täis draamat / A Year Full of Drama
Estonia 2019, Comedy, 106 minutes, Estonian with English subtitles Directed by: Marta Pulk
Estonia loves drama. In 2017, the search was on for someone who had never been to the theatre before, but who was willing to earn a month’s salary to watch and review every theatre production in Estonia for an entire season. At the age of 21, Russian-speaking Alissija-Elisabet knew nothing about Estonian theatre but she still moved to the capital and embarked on the adventure …

4 PM
Šuolis / The Jump

Lithuania 2020, Documentary, 85 minutes, Lithuanian/English with English subtitles Directed by: Giedrė Žickytė
In 1970, Lithuanian sailor Simas Kudirka jumped off a Soviet ship off the east coast of the USA on an American patrol boat on which he asked for asylum. His jump triggered a chaotic sequence of events, which became one of the biggest political muddles of the Cold War.

6 PM
Brisele / Brussels

Latvia 2019, Documentary, 65 minutes, Latvian with English subtitles Directed by: Inese Kļava
What do the officials working for the EU authorities in Brussels actually do? Four officials – Pēteris, Gints, Ineta and Andris – and an anonymous narrator give insights into their everyday working lives. Set against the ideals of democracy, tolerance and fundamental rights, working routines actually appear to consist of finding the way from the photocopier to the kettle. But the situation changes after the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels in 2015 …

8 PM
Ükssarvik / Chasing Unicorns

Estonia 2019, Comedy, 108 minutes, Estonian with English subtitles Directed by: Rain Rannu
Two young start-up entrepreneurs set out to make it from their garage to the »IT Mecca« of Silicon Valley. The film is based on the incredible and humorous stories from and experiences of 30 Estonian start-ups from the last 15 years. It paints an authentic picture of faith and dreams, lunacy and overconfidence, all inspired by the Steve Jobs of our world.

Sunday, 13.2.2022
11 AM
Vee peal / On the Water

Estonia 2020, Youth film, 106 minutes, Estonian with English subtitles Directed by: Peeter Simm
The film is set in the early 80s in Võru, in south-eastern Estonia. It tells the story of a young boy escaping from the confusing, comic and yet challenging situations that are part of puberty so that he can go fishing on Lake Tamula. The film is about the yearning for understanding and love.

1 PM

Lithuania 2018, Documentary, 90 minutes, Lithuanian/English with Lithuanian/English subtitles. Directed by: Rokas Darulis and Ronaldas Buožis
Lithuania fell in love with its young star athlete Rūta Meilutytė, one of the best swimmers in the world and the country’s biggest sporting idol. This documentary takes us behind the scenes as she trains and prepares to compete. The filmmakers have created a detailed account of her career, including interviews with Rūta’s trainers and family explaining how she went down in sporting history.

3 PM
Išgyventi vasarą / Summer Survivors

Lithuania 2018, Drama, 91 minutes, Lithuanian with English subtitles Directed by: Marija Kavtaradžė
Young psychologist Indrė accompanies two patients to a psychiatric hospital in a seaside town. Paulius suffers from bipolar disorder, while introverted Justė is suicidal. Despite the fact that both are struggling with their illnesses, an outsider would see them as two friends taking a summer road trip. Carefree moments full of laughter and intense periods as they grow closer together nurture the hope that anything is possible. A love letter to anyone suffering from mental illness.

5 PM
Blakus / Nearby

Latvia 2019, Road movie, 80 minutes, Latvian with English subtitles Directed by: Alise Zariņa
Luīze is escaping from her clingy one-night-stand, Kaspars is running away from his crumbling marriage. They meet by chance on a trip to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve. Surreptitious glances reveal mutual affection, but the pessimistic Luīze suppresses Kaspars’ optimism with her depressive sarcasm. Featuring humour and self-deprecation, quick wit and sharp tongues – Luīze and Kaspars’ captivating dialogue highlights the panache and jokes of this romantic comedy. A feel-good movie.

Organised by the Munich Regional Group of Estnische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland e. V., the Latvian cultural association »Namejs« e. V. and the Munich chapter of the Litauische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland e. V. together with the Munich City Library

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