Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra – Dudamel  Abreu / Bor / Estévez / Schumann Gustavo Dudamel Danny Clinch for LA Phil

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra – Dudamel
Abreu / Bor / Estévez / Schumann

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

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Music – Classical Music
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Bavarian Radio Chorus
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Gustavo Dudamel

Once again Gustavo Dudamel will be a guest of the BRSO! Now this principal conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic has dreamt up something special for his five short concerts: a Schumann cycle, something never heard before in such concentration at the BRSO. It’s a musical portrait of a genius who was only inspired to write his own symphonies after stumbling upon Schubert’s Great C-major Symphony. The series features the Spring Symphony in B-flat major, the Second in C major, the Rhenish in E-flat major and the Fourth in D minor. Rounding off the Schumann feast are a cappella choral works by José Antonio Abreu, Antonio Estévez and Modesta Bor. The three poignant miniatures, including a love song after Pablo Neruda, shed revealing light on the soul of Latin America and send a musical greeting from Dudamel to his native Venezuela.

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  • Composer: José Antonio AbreuOpus: Sol que das vida a los trigos
  • Composer: Modesta BorOpus: »Aquí te amo«
  • Composer: Antonio EstévezOpus: »Mata del ánima sola«
  • Composer: Robert SchumannOpus: Symphony No 1 B major, Op 38 »Spring«