Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra – Gardiner  Holst / Grainger Sim Canetty-Clarke

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra – Gardiner
Holst / Grainger

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

€ 26 to € 87

This is a past event.

This event will not take place. If you have any questions about your tickets, please contact the organiser or the advance booking office where you purchased your ticket(s).

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Informationen für RollstuhlfahrerInformation for wheelchair users:
Phone: 0800.59 00 594 (within Germany)
+49 (0)89.59 00 10 88 0 (international)

Music – Classical Music
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5th subscription concert A

Monteverdi Choir
Conductor: Sir John Eliot Gardiner

Introduction in German at 6:45 PM
Free admission with valid concert ticket


  • Composer: Gustav HolstOpus: The planets
  • Composer: Percy Aldridge GraingerOpuses: British Folk-Music Settings. I'm Seventeen come Sunday, British Folk-Music Settings. Merry Wedding, British Folk-Music Settings. Father and Daughter, British Folk-Music Settings. The Bride's Tragedy, British Folk-Music Settings. The Lost lady found, British Folk-Music Settings. Shallow Brown, British Folk-Music Settings. Brigg Fair, British Folk-Music Settings. County Derry Air (arr. Barry Peter Ould)

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