Beauty and the Beast – the Musical Theater Liberi

Beauty and the Beast – the Musical

| Carl-Orff-Saal/Carl Orff Hall

€ 25 to € 32; € 23 to € 30 (for children up to 14 years)

This is a past event.

Unfortunately, this event will not take place.

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From 4 years
Duration: Approx. 2 hours with interval

Monstrously beautiful: With its enchanting musical hit »Beauty and the Beast«, Theater Liberi brings this touching story of true love onto the stage. With soulful original compositions and plenty of poetry, wit and feeling, they will whisk you away into the world of this fascinating fairy tale – a live experience for the whole family!

Known for its ingenious musicals, Theater Liberi has reimagined this French folk tale with its contemporary and entertaining production. The outstanding ensemble inspires its audience with varied choreographies to romantic ballads and catchy pop songs. The magical fairy tale stage set alternates between Beauty’s home and the Beast’s enchanted castle, which tries to outdo the fantastic costumes with its glitter and sparkle.

For centuries, the tale of Beauty and the Beast, and the power of their love so strong it can even break a curse, has been passed down from generation to generation – a curse that has turned the prince into a hideous beast. When, one day, a poor merchant strays into the castle garden and picks a rose there, the Beast demands a high price for his transgression: to send his youngest daughter, Beauty, to live with him in his castle. Beauty’s initial fear quickly gives way to curiosity when she realizes that there is a gentle side to the Beast’s hard exterior and that she can even laugh and dance with him. But Beauty is in a dilemma and ha so many questions: Who is that mysterious prince in the mirror? And what about these enchanted beings that seem to live in the castle? Beauty is determined to find out …

(Theater Liberi, Bochum)