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Dance theatre for people aged 8 years and older about social conventions from the perspective of the young generation by Judith Seibert

»Kids today...« sounds somewhat trite but seems to be on everyone’s lips again in the times of Fridays for Future critics. After all, it’s just as easy to go on strike on school-free days so as not to miss any lessons. Or is it? Of course, regulated processes are an elementary part of our social life. Otherwise, there’d be chaos, right? Or has the chaos already arrived – a chaos of countless, unnecessary conventions that we hold on to only to escape the unpleasant work of questioning them?

Our everyday life consists of umpteen rules: violate them and you’re punished, threatened or excluded. Bad behaviour must have consequences! But who decides what behaviour is right or wrong? And who makes the rules anyway? How can I personally influence the suffocating mountain of rules all around me? Or do I have no choice and must just learn to live with them?

Using few words but with great directness, the dance theatre production »Benimmmichnicht!« takes a close look at our social conventions. Through a series of video interviews with children and teenagers between the ages of 4 and 20, Judith Seibert and her team explore the question as to what extent our everyday rules are still relevant today and useful for the young generation. The narrative of the piece is written not so much by the three performers as by the statements of the interviewed children and young people.
The essence of their statements has been distilled into a production full of humour, seriousness and emotion that aims to inspire reflection and courage.

Staging: Judith Seibert
Performers, dancers: Anjuska Dabanovic, Jochen Vogel, Judith Seibert
Stage: Christian Schmid
Costume: Susanne Stehle
Choreography: Judith Seibert
Video: Christian Schmid
Dramaturgy: Lea-Christin Garrelfs

With the support of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich
(Tanztheater Judith Seibert, Munich)

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