Carmina Burana – Munich Symphony Orchestra  Munich Motet Choir MünchenMusik

Carmina Burana – Munich Symphony Orchestra
Munich Motet Choir

| Isarphilharmonie | Gasteig HP8

€ 45.10 to € 86.50

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Music – Classical Music
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Munich Symphony Orchestra
Munich Motet Choir
Alina Wunderlin, soprano
Tobias Hunger, tenor
Daniel Ochoa, baritone
Conductor: Florian Ludwig

About »Carmina Burana«

Carl Orff's »Carmina Burana« is a perennial favourite on stages throughout the world.
According to the work's publishers, »Carmina Burana« was the past century's most performed classical composition. This may have seemed unlikely when Orff set a collection of medieval texts in the long dead languages Latin, Middle High German and Old French to music in 1935. But – O Fortuna! With the Goddess of Fate's Wheel of Fortune, sung in an impressive chorus at the beginning and end of »Carmina Burana«, Orff has set an unprecedented worldwide success in motion.

The evening begins, no less rousing, with Alexander Borodin's »In the Steppes of Central Asia« and his »Polovtsian Dances« from the opera »Prince Igor«. The Munich Symphony Orchestra will be joined on stage by the Munich Motet Choir.

New date for the event originally scheduled for 28 April 2020/12 February 2021.

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  • Composer: Alexander BorodinOpus: Eine Steppenskizze aus Mittelasien
  • Composer: Alexander BorodinOpus: Polovtsian Dances from the opera »Prince Igor«
  • Composer: Carl OrffOpus: »Carmina Burana«

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