Cecilia Bartoli  Les Musiciens du Prince – Monaco/ Capuano  Mezzo soprano Cecilia Bartoli Simon Fowler / Decca Classics

Cecilia Bartoli
Les Musiciens du Prince – Monaco/ Capuano

| Isarphilharmonie | Gasteig HP8

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Music – Classical Music
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Cecilia Bartoli, mezzo-soprano
Les Musiciens du Prince – Monaco
Gianluca Capuano, conductor

Farinelli and his time

The story of the life of Carlo Broschi, better known as »Farinelli«, is the stuff of legend. No doubt the most famous castrato singer of all time, he was a superstar – a singer whose virtuoso breathing and singing technique brought his audience to ecstasy. Thanks to his vocal range, which extended from tenor to high soprano, the great composers of his time were ever keen to write for him. Johann Adolph Hasse, Nicola Porpora, Antonio Caldara and Geminiano Giacomelli, among others created arias that were entirely tailored to the agile and colourful character of Farinelli’s voice.
Cecilia Bartoli has delved deeply into the fate and vocal art of the castrati. Her tireless quest of discovery has led the mezzo-soprano into the most remote corners of little-known libraries over the past years, always in search of forgotten or unjustly disregarded musical treasures. With »Farinelli and his time«, she embarks on a musical voyage of discovery into the Italian late Baroque, placing one of the greatest artistic personalities in music history at the centre of her programme.

New date for the event originally scheduled for 25 April 2020 (Prinzregenten Theater)


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