Cinema International – 32nd Turkish Film Days Aus dem Film »AŞK, BÜYÜ vs. – LOVE, SPELLS AND ALL THAT« The organiser

Cinema International – 32nd Turkish Film Days

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€ 5 (individual ticket); € 25 (festival pass)

This is a past event.

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Online from 15.04.–02.05.2021 at
Most films have English subtitles

The 32nd Turkish Film Days film festival is being held online and across Germany. It features a diverse and hard-hitting programme of outstanding feature, documentary and short films either shot in Turkey or by directors of Turkish origin who are resident in Germany.

It tells stories of love and politics, of holy trees and dams. Viewers can experience Istanbul from a completely fresh perspective and get to know a charismatic communist mayor. A person with locked-in syndrome and people with Down’s syndrome show that they can enjoy and express their skills and abilities. The two short film programmes Frauenblicke (Female Perspectives) and Queer Panorama turn the spotlight on groups in society that are fighting for equal rights.

The films in the 32nd Turkish Film Days film festival are by turns poetic, realistic, contemplative and provocative and each one is worth watching!

For details about the films, visit the Munich City Library website or on the film festival website

Event organised by Filmstadt München e. V., SinemaTürk Filmzentrum e. V. and Munich City Library