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Classical Persian Music – Midnight Sun

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»Midnight Sun« is a well-known Persian trio. Three outstanding ambassadors for the power of music, which seems to magically guide their hands, let the music take over the entire room – not only the stage, but the whole concert hall.

Hossein Behroozinia, barbat (lute)
Saeed Farajpoori, kamancheh (spike violin)
Behnam Samani, Tombak (goblet drum)

With them on stage is the wonderful singer Mahdieh Mohammadkhani (vocal training with the great masters Mohammadreza Shajarian and Gholamreza Rezai). With many great musicians from Iran, she has been performing in Europe, Canada and Australia since 2013.

In their programme, the musicians present classical Persian music in romantic, melancholic and cheerful pieces, whose texts contain a selection of poems from the great treasury of classical Persian poetry. The programme conveys a touch of nostalgia, and not only to listeners who are familiar with classical Persian music; a longing for something whose existence one perhaps only suspected ...!

(Said Saadat, Haar)