Concert with Giovanni Allevi Max Valerio

Concert with Giovanni Allevi

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

€ 48

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Music – Classical Music
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Jeans, T-shirt, trainers: The unlikely outfit that Giovanni Allevi, composer of contemporary classical music, wears on stage when he meets his audience in the world’s most prestigious theatres, from Carnegie Hall in New York to the Auditorium of the Forbidden City in Beijing. He has two first-class diplomas, in piano from the Perugia Conservatory and in composition from the Milan Conservatory, and graduated with distinction in philosophy with his thesis »The Void in Contemporary Physics«.

The composer, conductor and pianist’s music inspires young people to explore the high spheres of music and the creative art of composing. Numerous diploma theses have been dedicated to him. His Piano Concerto No 1 was accepted into the 21st Century category of the Cantù International Piano Competition. His violin concerto was premiered by Paganini Competition winner Mariusz Patyra. NASA, has even named an asteroid after him: »giovanniallevi111561«.

(Smallflower Event GmbH, Räterschen, Switzerland)

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