Creative at the Gasteig – Kintsugi

| 2. OG, Raum 2166

€ 24 (advance booking required)

This is a past event.

Die MVHS unterbricht ihr Präsenz-Angebot bis 28. Februar 2021. Einige Veranstaltungen der MVHS können online stattfinden. Ob diese Veranstaltung darunter fällt, erfahren Sie auf der Webseite der MVHS.

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Literature & Knowledge – Seminar
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Open Programme with Bärbel Bruns

Cracked does not equal broken, and beauty lies in imperfection. That’s the motto of this evening course. Your favourite plate is broken? No need to despair: Using special glue, you will reassemble the pieces and turn the glued crack into a feature, highlighted in gold or silver. For further information about this course, contact Bärbel Bruns at

(MVHS) L229735

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