Dschungelbuch (Jungle Book) – the Musical Theater Liberi

Dschungelbuch (Jungle Book) – the Musical

| Carl Orff Hall | Gasteig

€ 25 to € 32; reduced € 23 to € 30 (up to 14 years)

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From 4 years
Duration: 2 hours including interval

Impassioned jungle action about friendships that beat the odds: This musical version of »The Jungle Book« brings the jungle to life. Mowgli and his animal friends take young and old on an adventurous journey. A music score specially composed for the production and plenty of suspense and humour make for an entertaining live experience for all the family.

With love and passion, theatre company Theater Liberi re-stages Rudyard Kipling’s timeless bestseller about the courageous orphan and the lovable bear Baloo.
An impressive stage set, colourful costumes and outstanding musical performers bring the jungle to life. The music is also a treat: a groovy band of monkeys, Shere Khan as the king of rock’n’roll and a funky finale – all accompanied by a fast-paced choreography.

For over a hundred years, the story of Mowgli, the human child who is raised by wolves in the jungle, has captivated readers and audiences. In the wolf pack and its leader Akela, with the kind-hearted bear Baloo and Bagheera the wise panther, Mowgli has found a new family, who teach him the laws of the jungle. Exciting adventures await, as Mowgli meets a wild gang of monkeys, goofy vultures and a mysterious snake named Kaa. But the jungle is not without its perils: The tiger Shere Khan fears his position as king of the jungle and wants to get rid of the man cub. Mowgli begins to wonder where he really belongs. And when he meets the girl with the red flower, his world is finally turned upside down …

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(Theater Liberi, Bochum)