Einar, der auszog, die Welt zu retten (Einar, who set out to save the world) Severin Vogl

Einar, der auszog, die Welt zu retten (Einar, who set out to save the world)

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German-language children’s play by compagnie nik for people aged 5 and over
Suitable for pre-school groups and primary schools.
For preparation and follow-up material, please contact info@compagnie-nik.de.

With Lydia Starkulla and Niels Klaunick
Director: Florian Hackspiel
Text: Niels Klaunick

Duration: 50 minutes

People are hardly bothered by what is happening. Only Einar, a small boy with a big heart, learns what is really going on. Because Einar has an invisible friend. Lärad is the spirit of the mighty ash tree that stands in the garden of the house where Einar lives. Before he flies away, Lärad reveals to Einar that the plants have decided to no longer put up with the indifference and contempt with which the humans treat them.

Knowing that he cannot count on the adults’ support, Einar builds a gas balloon and sets out to follow and bring back the trees. On his adventurous journey, he encounters Hugin and Munin, the ravens of Knowledge and Wisdom, as well as other fabled beings, until he finally reaches Asgard, the world beyond the world, a place only a child with the heart of a lion can enter.

A story full of fantasy and empathy, of small heroes who save the world for the large ones. With actors, puppets and shadow play, the piece recounts a poetic Nordic saga that tells of the care for life and our fellow creatures.

With the kind support of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich and the district government of Upper Bavaria
(compagnie nik e. V., Munich)