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Fairytale Marathon at the Gasteig

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Free admission for school classes and families; for young people & adults € 15; reduced € 10 (starting 7 pm)

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The marathon takes place from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
Admission is on every full hour. The duration of each fairytale is 50 minutes.
In German language

Fairytales from the Treasure Trove of the Sisters Grimm

More than 200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm collected a huge treasure trove of fairy tales. They did this by listening to the people and perusing books from all over the world. That is exactly what the Sisters Grimm are doing today. Gabi Altenbach, Cordula Gerndt and Katharina Ritter are forever looking for stories old and new to retell. For the fifth time, the three storyteller sisters will open their treasure chest in the run-up to Christmas. Nearly 100 fairy tales will be told on this day – a selection from the Grimm Collection, enriched with stories passed down from the narrative traditions of various peoples and cultures.

9:00 AM–12:00 PM
For school classes (6 years and older)
Free admission. Only with prior booking: iva@gasteig.de

Durch Dick & Dünn (9:00 AM)
»Through Thick & Thin« – best to go this way with good friends.
Voll Silber & Gold (10:00 AM)
»Full of Silver & Gold« – are the dresses of the princesses and the robbers’ treasure chests.
Klug & Klüger (11:00 AM)
»Shrewd & Clever« – are those who can solve all three puzzles, or at least pretend to be able to.

2:00 PM–5:00 PM
For families (6 years and older)
Free admission. Booking for 10 persons or more: iva@gasteig.de

Fern & Nah (2:00 PM)
»Far & Near« – lies the way to happiness, and misfortune often lurks around the corner.
This performance will be interpreted by a sign language interpreter.

Heiß & Kalt (3:00 PM)
»Hot & Cold« – is what you’ll feel when you hear these riveting adventures.
Hungrig & Satt (4:00 PM)
»Hungry & Full Up« – is what a fairy tale and stories will make you: Hearing only a single fairy will make you hungry for more; come to our fairytale marathon and you’ll go home full-up and satisfied.

7:00–9:00 PM (incl. interval)
For young people & adults € 15; reduced € 10

White as Snow. Red as Blood. Black as Ebony. (7:00 PM)
On this evening, the Sisters Grimm embark on wild play with common fairy tale clichés, convivial contrasts and seemingly common threads – a juxtaposition of black and white, sinister and fair, devils and angels. And when blood flows, it’s sometimes even blue.

You can download the programme here in German language.


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