Gasteig moves – »The Hover«  A Dance Theatre Installation by Matteo Carvone

Gasteig moves – »The Hover«
A Dance Theatre Installation by Matteo Carvone

| Carl Orff Hall | Gasteig

€ 18; reduced € 12 (combi ticket for »The Hover« and »HEIMAT«: € 40; reduced € 25)

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Theatre & Dance – Dance
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Duration: approx. 60 minutes

How would it feel to experience a never-ending holiday? Sunday morning without stress of any kind might seem like pure bliss. But what if the very next day is another Sunday – a sequence of Sundays that repeats forever? The »Hover« is a framed piece of sky in which friendly clouds drift by forever, with no danger of a sudden storm, and the sun shines in all eternity.

With dance and theatre, this installation presents a situation in limbo, an indestructible perpetuum mobile of storylines and situations experienced by the two lead characters. Imagine yourself stuck in an elevator with a stranger: Your sense of time would probably become distorted quickly, but perhaps you would also start to empathise with your unlucky new companion. In »The Hover«, the two men are stuck on a small, uninhabited volcanic island for time unknown. Nothing grows here; all they can do is await their fate. We have all just had a similar experience, watching the sky through a window during this global pandemic, waiting to find out what solutions our respective fates had in store for us.

Based on Becket’s masterpiece »Waiting for Godot« and the two Shakespeare characters Prospero and Ariel from »The Tempest«, Matteo Carvone’s »The Hover« aims to be a unique evening where the audience is both emotionally and physically immersed in this surrealistic situation. Sitting directly on stage, it forms a circle around the small podium on which the action takes place. A large screen above their heads illuminates the dancers throughout the performance.

»Dance is a theatrical act of the body. Each movement is both important in its own right and at the same time part of the whole. The dance is subservient to the setting and vice versa. The light and music, too, are vital elements in taking the audience to the heart of the action, making ›The Hover‹ a gesamtkunstwerk – a total work of art, like a movie.«
(Matteo Carvone)

Matteo Carvone

Matteo Carvone in collaboration with the dancers

Guido Badalamenti, David Cahier

Jakob Bogensperger

Sound design
Josy Friebel

Set and video design
Matteo Carvone

Various artists

With the support of Theater und Live Art München e. V. and Tanztendenz