Greek Song Recital  A Magical Journey through Greek Music with Iro Lechouriti The organiser

Greek Song Recital
A Magical Journey through Greek Music with Iro Lechouriti

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Iro is from Patras, where she lived until her twenties. Her mother being a music teacher, she grew up in a house filled with classical music and songs of the time. Having begun studying the piano at an early age, she soon received numerous awards and prizes. Realizing that she wanted to pursue music professionally, she moved to Athens. Music and contact with the audience are her »natural environment«, as her career has proven to this day.

In 1995, she releases her first album, titled »atima ta pragmata«, (»things are tricky«). This was followed by eight more album releases to date, all of them to great public acclaim. One of them, entitled »apogiosi« (»departure«), was awarded gold and platinum in Greece and Cyprus. For many of her songs, she writes the music and lyrics herself and also takes care of orchestration and production.

In 2015, she performs throughout Greece, receiving excellent reviews for her piano part programme, and works on musical encounters with the younger generation. At the same time, a musical homage to the composers Manos Hatzidakis and Mikis Theodorakis takes her to various European countries. Also worth mentioning is that Theodorakis chose Iro to perform poems set to music at home and abroad. Their cooperation continues to this day. In her performances, Iro tries to establish a new form of contact and communication that is both »cool« and uncomplicated. Her songs are youthful and lively, with a strong and very personal style, and her music complements the dynamics and directness of the lyrics.

In Greece, Iro also teaches music and music theory and is active in the social field, especially for children.

Iro Lechouriti, vocals, piano
Sokratis Tirlas, double bass
Jannis Theofilou, percussion
Michalis Amanatidis, bouzouki, vocals

Arrangement and direction: Michalis Amanatidis

(Musikverein Philharmonia e. V., Munich)

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