Großes KinderKino – Children’s Film: »Räuber Hotzenplotz« (»The Robber Hotzenplotz«)

| Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

€ 3 (children); € 4 (adults); € 2 (day care centre groups per person)

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D 2005, 94 minutes, directed by Gernot Roll
Rated FSK 0 (no age restriction), recommended from 5 years
In German language

Otfried Preußler’s enchanting story about the robber Hotzenplotz, who, of all things, steals granny’s beloved coffee grinder! Granny of course immediately calls for Kasperl and Seppel and, worse luck, scatterbrained constable Dimpfelmoser. But Hotzenplotz still manages to catch Kasperl. What to do now? Can Amaryllis the fairy be of any help?

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(Kinderkino München e. V.)