Großes KinderKino – Children’s Film: »Toy Story 1« The organiser

Großes KinderKino – Children’s Film: »Toy Story 1«

| Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

€ 3 (children); € 4 (adults); € 2 (day care centre groups per person)

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USA 1995, 77 minutes, directed by John Lasseter
Rated FSK 0 (no age restriction), recommended from 6 years
In German language

The very first fully computer-animated feature film. In Andy’s room, the toys come to life when no one is about. Andy’s favourite is Woody the cowboy. But when long-awaited action figure Buzz Lightyear arrives on the scene, Andy’s bedroom ends up in turmoil and a conflict between him and Woody ensues. A timelessly beautiful animated movie.

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