Großes KinderKino – Film – How is it Done? The organiser

Großes KinderKino – Film – How is it Done?

| Carl-Amery-Saal/Carl Amery Hall

€ 3 (children); € 4 (adults); € 2 (day care centre groups per person)

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Rated FSK 0 (no age restriction), recommended for 6 years and older
In German language

What has to happen before a film can be shown in the cinema? What types of films are there? Why do we love watching films so much? »Willi will’s wissen – wie kommt der Film ins Kino?« (Willi wants to know – how is a film made?) has the answers (Director: Martin Tischner, 45 minutes).

We will also show the animated film »Anders-Artig« (Director: Christina Schindler, 7 minutes) as well as contributions from the KiKa-Trickboxx about Foley artists, the people who make the sounds for a film, in post-production (Germany 2002–2010).

As supporting film, we present the silhouette trick film that was made during the summer holidays.

In cooperation with the Munich City Library (Kinderkino München e. V.)

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