Harrycane Orchestra Harald Alt

Harrycane Orchestra

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Music – World Music
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With skill and virtuosity, the musicians thrill with their mix of Arabic melodies and western modern jazz. A love for oriental melody, a fascination with Arabic rhythms and a passion for improvisation form the basis of the compositions that percussionist and composer Harry Alt has written especially for this ensemble. Sounding sometimes almost like folk song, sometimes like Arabic jazz, they are dominated at times by the Turkish singing of Tarkan Yesil, at others by the pure joy of instrumental improvisation. Strictly set arrangement and free play alternate and weave into each other. The musical styles found in the compositions usually strive to create a hypnotic sound.

Joe T. Aykut, oud, cümbüş
David Kremer, piano, keyboards
Giuseppe Puzzo, double bass
Tarkan Yesil, vocals, percussion
Harry Alt, drums
Kay Fischer, saxophone, clarinet

(DÜKKAN – Kulturplanungsbüro e. V., Munich)