Hidalgo Festival Munich – IVth Scrollen in Tiefsee Max Ott

Hidalgo Festival Munich – IVth Scrollen in Tiefsee

| Black Box

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The Hidalgo is Munich’s festival for young classical music. Together with some of the best up-and-coming German artists, it brings classical music at the highest level to the most exciting places in the city. Combining high culture, mainstream and niche, it tears down the boundaries between the genres. The Hidalgo understands the lied as a living expression. The interdisciplinary team produces video installations, commissions sound designers and confronts romantic poetry with modern lyric poetry. Anything that assembles into something greater is allowed. The name and spirit of the Hidalgo are inspired by the lower Spanish nobles of the same name from the Middle Ages: an adventurer, a daredevil, a freedom-loving spirit who seeks confrontation. In the words of Robert Schumann and Emanuel Geibel: »And flowers or wounds I will carry home tomorrow«.

IVth Scrollen in Tiefsee
A blatant poem, new music, a giant dome, a film and a singer in a jumpsuit. The result: a lyrical gesamtkunstwerk that tears down the boundaries between digital and real worlds. A course between street and Skype window, clouds and control centres, tides and data streams.

The Scrollen in Tiefsee project in the Black Box at the Gasteig is the highlight of this year’s week-long festival. The idea of the »lyrical gesamtkunstwerk« – the total artwork – will be comprehensively further developed. On three levels – text, sound and space – prefabricated and elements that are created live intermesh and interact with each other.

The audience experiences a struggle between digital and physical worlds based on a poem by the contemporary Munich poet Tristan Marquardt. He leads us through »shelves full of selfies« while »X terrabytes of data seep away [in the groundwater]«. It is a reappraisal of today’s experience topography – because we have long since been moving as naturally through browser tabs and data clouds as we move through nature or the streets of our cities.

In »Scrollen in Tiefsee«, composer Christopher Verworner (leader of the VKKO ensemble) treats the topic of physical vs. digital worlds as lied with electronic sounds. The award-winning baritone Matthias Winckhler will sing the commissioned work at the world premiere. Unlike at conventional recitals, the visual focus is not on the singer, but on a large video installation. The screen construction realized by stage designer Katarina Ravlić (Bavarian State Opera) projects dome-like into the hall above the audience. On it, complex video-mapped sequences are projected throughout the performance which, rather than just accompanying the music, react in real time to the singer and the audience.

Directed by festival manager Tom Wilmersdörffer, video producer Maximilian Riemer and digital live artist Paul Bießmann will create a visual duel between artificial animations and the images of filmed nature to transport the viewers into a mesmerising dream world: One moment whirling towards an abstract horizon at lightning speed, a falcon takes off the next, devouring the room and making room for blue sky that fills in with swarms of starlings.

For Scrollen in Tiefsee, director Tom Wilmersdörffer is sponsored by the City of Munich with the »Junge Kunst/Neue Medien« scholarship worth 9,000 euros.

(HIDALGO e. V., Munich)