Hommage à Beethoven – The Lone Revolutionary Pianistenclub e. V.

Hommage à Beethoven – The Lone Revolutionary

| Kleiner Konzertsaal/Small Concert Hall

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Music – Classical Music
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Concert series »Der einsame Revolutionär« (»The Lone Revolutionary«)

Beyond all boundaries

Pianistenclub München dedicates its concert to this year’s great jubilarian: Ludwig van Beethoven. This composer became immortal because, like all of the greatest artists – be they painters, poets or musicians –, like the most daring architects and the most famous sportsmen, he overcame boundaries. This concert features piano works by the master of classical music that set new standards.

His »Grande Sonate pathétique«, as Beethoven called it himself in anticipation of his impending deafness, was one of the first programme piano sonatas. And the »Eroica Variations« are among his greatest sets of variations. Not without pride did Beethoven emphasize to his publisher that the work had been »arranged in a truly completely new manner«. The sonata »Les adieux« or »The Farewells« is in the same key and has a joyfully impassioned character. Beethoven dedicated it to »his Imperial Highness, for the Archduke Rudolph in admiration« and thus to his most important patron.

With the two greatest piano works from his middle period, the »Waldstein Sonata« and the »Appassionata«, Beethoven reached the zenith of his creative output and took musical and especially piano performance to previously unattained levels. Not least thanks to the development of instruments at the time, the composer revolutionised piano technique and elicited soundscapes of hitherto undreamed-of intensity and dramatic tension from the traditional sonata form.

This concert represents the quintessence of Beethoven! The evening’s pianists are Para Chang, Nathalie Koshokar, Irina Shkolnikova, Polina Spirina and Heiko Stralendorff.

Idea, concept and presenter: Polina Spirina

(Pianistenclub e. V., Munich)

  • Composer: Ludwig van BeethovenOpus: Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op 13 »Grande Sonate pathétique« (Grave – Allegro di molto e con brio; Adagio cantabile; Rondo: Allegro)
  • Soloist: Nathalie Koshokar, piano
  • Composer: Ludwig van BeethovenOpus: 15 Variations with Finale alla Fuga, Op 35 »Eroica Variations«
  • Soloist: Irina Shkolnikova, piano
  • Composer: Ludwig van BeethovenOpus: Piano Sonata No 26 in E-flat major, Op 81a (»Les adieux« (»The Farewell«): Adagio – Allegro; The Absence (L’Absence): Andante espressivo; The Return (Le Retour): Vivacissimamente)
  • Soloist: Para Chang, piano
  • Composer: Ludwig van BeethovenOpus: Klaviersonate Nr. 21 C-Dur op. 53 »Waldstein« (Allegro con brio; Introduzione: Adagio molto; Rondo: Allegretto moderato)
  • Soloist: Polina Spirina, piano
  • Composer: Ludwig van BeethovenOpus: Piano Sonata No 23 in F minor, Op 57 »Appassionata« (Allegro assai; Andante con moto; Allegro ma non troppo)
  • Soloist: Heiko Stralendorff, piano

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