HP8 Clubbing With Dominik Eulberg (!K7) Natalia Luzenko

HP8 Clubbing With Dominik Eulberg (!K7)

| Saal X – Gasteig HP8

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Dancing in Hall X

Hall X on the grounds of Gasteig HP8 celebrates its premiere as a club location: DJ and environmental activist Dominik Eulberg invites you to the party.


After the Messiaen concert by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Kent Nagano, the evening of 22 October at the Gasteig HP8 is far from over: DJ, music producer, book author and ecologist Dominik Eulberg invites you to the newly opened Saal X in cooperation with the Harry Klein Club. Eulberg promises a »nocturnal journey with electronic music« with visual effects and his typical electro sound, into which he incorporates bird songs and other sounds of nature, similar to Messiaen. At the party in Hall X, Eulberg himself will be playing from start to finish – anyone who wants to can party and dance until 4 AM. VJ Julius Gregor will be showing nature footage, including from the films of Jan Haft.

Dominik Eulberg

The techno DJ from the Westerwald has been experimenting with nature sounds since the 1990s. »At first, people thought: What kind of cool synthesiser did he use?« says Eulberg. In fact, raising awareness of nature as the »treasure trove of his inspiration« is a matter close to his heart – for his commitment, the biology graduate was recently nominated for the 25th Environmental Media Prize of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe. Electronic music is the perfect outlet for Eulberg: »That's the wonderful thing about electronic music, you can generate every imaginable timbre. That means I can depict nature optimally with it. On the other hand, electronic music is the most instinctive, the most libidinous music, which is most about emotion and least rational,« he says.

 More information at dominik-eulberg.de.

The Opening Season at the Gasteig HP8

The event for a mixed audience takes place as part of the festivities for the opening of the Gasteig HP8 and the Isarphilharmonie and is a gesture of welcome from the Gasteig to the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, who are leading the organisation of the Opening Season in October.

In collaboration with the Harry Klein Club