Iwanson International
Junger Tanz 2020
Munich’s Dance Festival for Young Talent

Carl-Orff-Saal/Carl Orff Hall

This is a past event.

The »Junger Tanz« events have been postponed to 20 to 26 July 2020.

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For more than ten years, the »Young Dance« performance series has been a regular event in Munich’s dance scene. More than 20,000 people to date have attended the events of this highly successful format. Every year, the »Junger Tanz« festival presents contemporary dance with tomorrow’s professionals and the latest choreographies at the cutting edge of contemporary dance. The young professional dancers enjoy their appearance as much as the audience, with pieces by well-known choreographers making for an evening bursting with dynamism, expression and freshness.

30 April – Licensed to Dance
After three years of training, master students of contemporary dance perform works by established choreographers: Yael Cibulski, Zoe Gyssler, German Jauregui, Alessandro Sousa Pereira, Nadine Gerspacher, Cristina D’Alberto, Katja Wachter, Minka-Marie Heiß and Johannes Härtl.

1 and 2 May – »Open Campus« 1 + 2
Iwanson International trains talented and ambitious young people looking to embark on a career in dance, preparing them both for the stage and for teaching. At this event, students at all stages of their training – from the first semester to the final year – demonstrate the diversity of their education. Showcasing their technical and performance skills as well as their creative potential, they also provide an insight into the diversity of contemporary dance, from traditional jazz dance and dance theatre to modern and contemporary. A different programme will be shown on each of the two evenings.

As part of the festival, Iwanson will exhibit photos and show videos of its graduates in the foyer of the Carl Orff Hall and on Sunday 3 May, the »Youngsters« presentation by Iwanson’s partner schools and their youth development groups will take place. These two events provide an opportunity for getting to know each other, networking and exchanging ideas.

3 May – Youngsters
Becoming a professional dancer requires an early start, for example in children’s ballet or in dance groups and youth dance camps for young people. Iwanson’s partner schools in and around Munich, in Switzerland and in Nuremberg as well as its own pre-training groups will each present short choreographies in a professional setting.

With the support of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich
(Iwanson GmbH, Munich)