JISR & Guests – »Mix cultur par exellence«  Leap Year Concert – A Music Caravan from Shanghai to Marrakesh The organiser

JISR & Guests – »Mix cultur par exellence«
Leap Year Concert – A Music Caravan from Shanghai to Marrakesh

| Black Box | Gasteig

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Music – World Music
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»Jisr« is Arabic for »bridge«, and the popular Munich international ensemble that has adopted this word as its name will perform with top international musicians at this year’s leap year concert under the motto »A Music Caravan from Shanghai to Marrakesh«. With their impressive mix that blends musical influences from various cultures, JISR // BRÜCKE have found their very own style, which the Bavarian Television has described as »Mix Music Culture par excellence«. Working with a variable line-up and exponents of various genres, such as Konstantin Wecker, Iva Bittová, the Bayerische Philharmonie and Embryo, among others, JISR is all about musical exchange, fusion and improvisation: a microcosm of different musical hues, from krautrock to classical.

Taking the audience on a journey through the sounds of Munich’s multifaceted music scene, the ensemble this year features Chinese musician Xizhi Nie, who brings Far Eastern melodies and instruments into the mix. A world-class multi-instrumentalist and master in free improvisation, Xizhi Nie spirits the audience away to the Orient with his mouth organ (sheng) and the two-stringed spike fiddle (erhu). With him and other guests, the ensemble masterly explores the boundaries between different musical genres in a buoyant performance. Musical variety at its best – a homogeneous cosmic mix for discerning listeners.

Xizhi Nie, mouth organ (sheng), Chinese violin (erhu)
Marja Burchard, keys, trombone
Roman Bunka, oud, guitar
Luis Borda, guitar
Wolfi Schlick, flute, tenor saxophone, sousaphones
Matthias Gmelin, drums
Niko Schabel, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Gergely Lukács, trumpet
Vladislav Cojocaru, accordion
Mohcine Ramdan, percussion, guembri, vocals

(Wahaba Monika Unterreiner, Munich)