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This is a past event.

Unfortunately, this event has to be cancelled. Please note the other dates with new programme on 5 and 7 April 2022.

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New date for the event originally planned for 29 January 2022

»JSB:48« is all about the Well-Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach. Original Bach fugues and newly composed preludes are set against composers who were inspired by the Well-Tempered Clavier: Shostakovich, Kapustin, Mehldau and Bernstein/Kuhn.

Taking this music as a starting point, the Arcis Saxophone Quartet, together with concert designer and director Tom Wilmersdörffer, demonstrates that, combined with light, movement, scene and elaborate dramaturgy, a concert can be a creative, experimental and highly topical art format.

(Hierluksch, Fuss, Zotti, Knez GbR Arcis Saxophon Quartett, Munich)