Kayhan Kalhor & Behnam Samani  Kamancheh and Tonbak Virtuosos  The organiser

Kayhan Kalhor & Behnam Samani
Kamancheh and Tonbak Virtuosos

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Kayhan Kalhor is a virtuoso of the traditional Persian kamancheh (a bowed string instrument) and setar (a long-necked lute). A renowned Grammy-awarded grandmaster of the kamancheh, he is credited with making audiences throughout the world acquainted with Persian music through diverse international collaborations. He is widely recognised as one of the most important ambassadors of Iranian music and culture and one of the greatest stars and creative minds of the Iranian music scene. Kayhan Kalhor is one of the original members of the Silk Road Ensemble founded by star cellist Yo-Yo Ma, with whom he continues to tour and compose.

In 2016, Yo-Yo Ma, Kalhor and the Silk Road Ensemble won the Grammy for »Best World Music Album« with their album »The Music of Stranger«. In October, Kayhan Kalhor was awarded  the prestigious WOMEX Artist Award 2019. On confirming his attendance to receive the award, Kayhan Kalhor shared: »The award is recognition of the rich culture of my homeland Iran and an ageless Persian art that thrives and is beloved throughout the world. As forces arise across the globe and push for divisiveness, borders and intolerance, music brings us together and reminds us of our common humanity.«

Behnam Samani, one of the founders of the percussion group Zarbang, combines a staggering variety of rhythms with a multitude of different elements of sound. Although they have their roots in classical Persian music, these sounds are open to influences from other cultures to allow a wide range of musical expression. Behnam Samani elicits surprising new sounds and melodies from the tonbak, the zarbang udu, which he has developed himself, and the mystical frame drum daf. He has worked with the most famous Iranian musicians such as F. Paewar, M. Zarif and H. Alisadeh. With the Dastan Ensemble, he has toured in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

(Said Saadat, Haar)