Kodo – One Earth Tour 2020: Legacy Takashi Okamoto

Kodo – One Earth Tour 2020: Legacy

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

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Music – World Music
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From stillness, strength arises. Then, sudden movement: myriad rhythms interweave to form a mystical web of sound, each performer, with perfect technique, playing for themselves and yet in perfect concord.   Those who experience Kodo on stage witness a kind of spiritual and physical fusion of player and instrument. Unlike younger Japanese drum ensembles, Kodo is devoted to the ancient Japanese art of drumming.

With its new programme, the drum ensemble evokes the primal power of rhythm.

As simple as the instruments appear at first glance, they demand physical strength as well as a strong will and discipline from their players. Big and penetrating is the sound of the mighty o-daiko – the largest of the impressive family of drums that the ensemble brings to the stage. To play them requires the utmost concentration as their vibrations reverberate through the auditorium, fully capturing the listener. Hearing the o-daiko is an experience not to be missed. Its smaller relatives take the listener on an adventure in the realm of polyrhythm.

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