Kodo One Earth Tour 2022 Takashi Okamoto

Kodo One Earth Tour 2022

| Isarphilharmonie | Gasteig HP8

€ 51.20 to € 93.80

This is a past event.

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Music – World Music
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40 Years of Drumming from Japan: »Tsuzumi«

Kodo celebrates its 40th anniversary with its new programme »Tsuzumi«. Named after a type of Japanese drum, this programme is all about the essence of the art: persistent, steady drumming combined with perpetual reverberation.

Every year, the Japanese drum virtuosos of Kodo leave their secluded island of Sado for their legendary tours of Asia, the USA and Europe. Deeply rooted in the ancient taiko drumming tradition, their rousing language is truly universal.

»Music that goes straight from the head to the gut, the diaphragm, the blood vessels, the limbs and the soul«, concludes the press.

While the bass drummers, muscular and with diabolic energy, make the room reverberate with their huge tree-log drums, the small drums add a sea of simmering sibilation of sound. A thoroughly sensual and physical experience that sets the audience on fire and invites them to dream and marvel.

(MünchenEvent GmbH, Munich)