Lab Uganda  A Truck for BidiBidi in Uganda  Andrea Plücke/Gasteig München GmbH

Lab Uganda
A Truck for BidiBidi in Uganda

Bellevue di Monaco – Ständige Vertretung Rechts der Isar

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Music Connects

The Music Connects initiative brings a stage, a recording studio, instruments and a small cinema to BidiBidi in northern Uganda. The German Foreign Office provided financial support to design, develop and produce the prototype of the fully equipped mobile multimedia music lab. Travelling through the vast BidiBidi region, the Lab Uganda truck will aim to reach as many refugees and their hosts as possible.

Uganda is the largest host country for refugees in Africa, with over 270,000, mainly from South Sudan, living in the BidiBidi region alone. Before the truck is shipped from Bremerhaven on 1 August, the initiative will present the truck in Munich. To this end, Bellevue di Monaco is putting together a programme together with Music Connects and the Gasteig.

Please note: Due to the Corona requirements, there is a restriction on access to the site. We therefore recommend that you be there in good time. Unfortunately, a reservation is not possible! You may bring cushions and blankets with you. Folding chairs or stools are not permitted.

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Lab Uganda at the Gasteig – the programme

Wednesday, 14 July, 7:30 PM: Elie Kayembe Concert

Elie Kayembe is a Munich-based singer/songwriter with Congolese roots. His music, which moves between pop, soul and Afro-beat, focusses on bringing people together with all their differences. We initially came to know Elie as a solo performer, on voice and guitar. By now, he performs with a five-piece band. Look forward to an evening of good vibes and togetherness!

Thursday, 15 July, 3 PM: KINO ASYL

Film workshop for young people and shorts evening
Screenings start at 6 PM

First steps to making your own film – In this workshop, the 14- to 20-year-old participants work together to learn how to turn an idea into a film. The filmmakers Matin Ahmadi (curator at Kino Asyl) and Tobias Rehm help them navigate their way from script to realisation.

KINO ASYL is a festival showing films from the home countries of refugees living in Munich. The festival is organised and shaped by the refugees, with support from festival and media professionals. Today an evening of short films with, among others, an episode of Taxi Driver, a popular series from Ghana.

Thursday, 15 July, 7 PM: »What's Up Uganda?«

Panel discussion in the Carl Amery Hall with Prof. Dr. Ulrike Krause (University of Osnabrück), Elisabeth Baumgartner and Annette Davidson (Music Connects); hosted by Matthias Weinzierl (Münchner Flüchtlingsrat)

Topics include the social and political circumstances in what was until recently the world’s largest refugee camp in BidiBidi, the truck’s destination drives; how Lab Uganda works and who should benefit from the project; what is needed most urgently on site and what can a cultural programme do for people.

Friday, 16 July, 7:30 PM: Liberty Experience presents Open Stage

The band of the Liberty Experience association of professional musicians provides a stage for all artists who want to show their talents. It’s all about a positive atmosphere, about music that connects and perhaps kick-starts new careers.

DJs, instrumentalists, singers, performers, whether with or without stage experience – anyone can take part.

Saturday, 17 July, 7:30 PM: Bellevue Fusion Jam

We all know the concept of the jam session – musicians get together with their instruments and voices and spontaneously make music together; not always perfect, but with flair, feeling and, more often than not, interesting conversation.

Sunday, 18 July, 7:30 PM: TOPOWA! Never give up!

Musical film by Philip Sansom and Inigo Gilmore

From the dusty dirt roads of Katwe slum to the paved streets of London and the fields of Cheltenham Festival, we follow five young teacher musicians and the Brass For Africa Band as they prepare for an unforgettable experience that will change their lives forever.
Awards: Raindance Film Festival 2020 and the Berlin Independent Film Festival 2021

Friday, 23 July, 3:00 PM: Refugio Jam

Waseem, city-known political rapper and activist, invites to a jam with Refugio Kunstwerkstatt - music from Hip Hop to Soul to AfroBeats!

Friday, 23 July, 7:30 PM: ZxxBxR FLxTx – Commedia in Movimento!

Theatre of the Bellevue di Monaco mobile stage by and with commedia dell’arte director Jaume Villalba and Clementina Culzoni, Jamal Braun, Leon Sandner, Kathleen-Vanessa Daniels, Lucia Friedl, Suliman Sanjar, Fatoutan Karimi, Laura Dumberger, Julius Papenburg, Belén Alvarez, Lea Berg, Chiara Brown and Elnaz Hanifi; Music: Ardhi Engl and Titus Waldenfels

This summer, the company will tour the districts of Munich, performing entertaining theatre freely adapted from Wolfgang Amadeus M. As a socially integrative project, the play brings together amateurs and professionals with and without refugee and migration background. Staged in the style of commedia dell’arte, the play includes gods and humans, music and rhythm, masquerade, slapstick, cabaret, improvisation and physical theatre.

Saturday, 17 July, 5:30 PM: Gasteig moves »TELL ME – Chapter 6«

Dance theatre by Alfonso Fernández Sánchez

How many ways are there to tell the same story? TELL ME creates an emotional dialogue between dancers and audience. The chosen starting point is to convey stories and messages using of music, poetry and dance

Saturday, 24 July, 7:30 PM: Bellevuetronic

Electro meets qanun meets saxophone

A joint set for a beautiful and beat-heavy concert evening where sounds mix, meld, break up again and are forever reinvented. The musicians have written new pieces especially for this event to touch your ears, souls and hearts.

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In cooperation with Music Connects and Gasteig München GmbH
(Sozialgenossenschaft Bellevue di Monaco)