Livestream: Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra – Thielemann  Strauss / Schumann Christian Thielemann Matthias Creuziger

Livestream: Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra – Thielemann
Strauss / Schumann

| Philharmonie/Philharmonic Hall

This is a past event.

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Music – Classical Music
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Conductor: Christian Thielemann

Video livestream and live on radio
BR-KLASSIK will broadcast the concert on Friday, April 16, 2021, at 8.30 pm via video livestream and live on the radio. Beforehand, you can listen to an introduction to the concert in »Musik und Gespräche« starting at 8.05 pm.

Hard to believe that Christian Thielemann has never stood at the helm of the BRSO. But now listeners will have a chance to hear him conducting his preferred repertoire: the German romantics and Richard Strauss. This special début will get off to an effective start with the brass fanfare that Strauss dedicated to the Vienna Philharmonic, followed by his rarely heard Sonatina no. 1 for six wind instruments. Subtitled »From the workshop of an invalid«, Strauss composed it in 1943 in the midst of the Second World War following a severe case of influenza. It reveals his consummate skill in handling a richly textured wind fabric. Roughly 100 years earlier Schumann composed his op. 52, shortly after his First Symphony. Owing to its three-part design (without a slow movement) he considered it »lighter« than a symphony and preferred to call it a suite or sinfonietta. In the end it was published with the title »Overture, Scherzo and Finale«.


  • Composer: Richard StraussOpus: »Vienna Philharmoni« Fanfare for brass and timpani, AV 109
  • Composer: Richard StraussOpus: Sonatine for 16 Winds No. 1 F-Major WoO 135 »Aus der Werkstatt eines Invaliden«
  • Composer: Robert SchumannOpus: Ouvertüre, Scherzo und Finale E-Dur op. 52

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