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After weeks of cultural detox the venues are still closed but you’re longing for just a little bit of … Contemporary Dance? Iwanson makes it possible for you: choreographers and dancers from the circles of Iwanson International show their latest works and invite their artist friends from other genres unto the stage of the Gasteig, Munich’s biggest cultural center. Iwanson graduates and Munich-based professionals have of course kept working also during the lockdown and in an entertaining showcase present their solos and duets, acting and music, short choreographed pieces and works in progress.

The performance will be presented as a live-stream. You will find your streaming ticket here (external link).

Music: René Haderer, Valentin Preißler, Daniel Scholz
Choreography and Dance: Aurora Bonetti
Choreography: Jasmine Ellis / Tanz: Emese Nagy
Concept: Katja Wachter, Leonard Dick / Performer: Leonard Dick
Choreography: Angela Wörgartner / Dance: Angela Wörgartner
Choreography: Erica D’Amico / Dance: Aurora Bonetti, Erica D’Amico
Choreography: Laura Saumweber / Dance: Laura Saumweber / Music: Stephan Goldbach
Choreography: Alexandra Paal / Dance: Aurora Bonetti, Jochanah Manke
Choreography: Eléonore Bovet, Wiebke Dobers / Dance: Eléonore Bovet, Wiebke Dobers
Choreography: Johannes Härtl / Dance: Marta Rak / Music: Jan Paul Werge
Choreography: Sophie Charlotte Becker
Dance: Sonja Golubkowa, Siri Persson, Andrea Scarfi/Musical arrangement: Betty Baldauf

Produced by Iwanson International
(Iwanson GmbH, Munich)

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