Maqamundo – »Orient Spirit« Album Release Concert Jürgen Nies

Maqamundo – »Orient Spirit« Album Release Concert

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Music – World Music
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Maruan Betawi, oud, guitar
Ismael Betawi, violin, electric bass, percussion
Oliver Nözel, guitar
Marliese Glück, percussion

The magical sound of the Orient combined with the passionate fire of the Spanish guitar. Original compositions, new interpretations of Arabic classics, flamenco in dialogue with the sounds of the oud – Maqamundo is music that unites oriental and western culture. The seamless interplay of Orient and Occident gives birth to something new.

Maqamundo’s debut album »Orient Spirit« represents the first release of oud player Maruan Betawi’s compositions. The arrangements of the pieces were developed by the four band members, who have given the music their very own flair. Besides Maruan Betawi on the oud, Maqamundo’s line-up includes Ismael Betawi on violin and electric bass. The two brothers grew up in a multicultural family in Jordan and were thus exposed to different musical traditions early on in their lives. They share their love for music that pays no heed to borders and genres with the third band member, the expressive flamenco guitarist Oliver Nözel. The whole thing is held together and rounded off by the pulsating rhythms and colourful percussive sounds of Marliese Glück on tarabuka, frame drums and cajón.

(Maqamundo I. Husein, M. Husein, M. Glück Oliver Nözel GbR, Munich)